Fernandino Beach, FL

B&E Home Care is a recommended and trusted provider in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to provide a higher standard of care for aging seniors in our community.

In-Home Care for Seniors of Fernandino Beach, FL

Our services are, many times, both personal and companion-related. We remind customers to take their medicine, perform their washing, and dress them. Games, social activities, and hanging out are all companion services. We also assist individuals with getting out of the house for chores like taking beauty appointments or running errands.

Fernandino Beach is home to many of our Senior Citizens who like to frequent the many places in the area. Our caregivers provide transportation, so we can take you for strolls, to see wildlife, or to simply take a walk outside. As soon as we enter the city, there is a great deal for everyone to do. If you think that you or your senior loved one would benefit from spending some time in the city, please contact us.

Different In Home Care Services We Offer:

● In Home Care: Our 24-hour care is provided to seniors at home to ensure they are getting the proper care they need when they need it.

● Interactive Caregiving: Comfort Keeper’s interactive care ensures seniors stay active by doing physical activities and mental exercises. Ensuring they are getting the most of life and ensure a quality sense of well-being.

● Respite Care: When you are not able to care for your loved one, our respite care service is available to help temporarily with the caregiving until you are able again.

● Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care: This specialized service is available to seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

● End of Life Care: During this difficult time in your family’s lives, we are here to help with the caregiving services your loved one needs.

● Transitioning Home: After being discharged from the hospital or nursing home, your loved one might still require care to live at home independently. We are here to provide them with a helping hand in living at home safely and happy.


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