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B&E Home Care is a recommended and trusted provider in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to provide a higher standard of care for aging seniors in our community.

In-Home Care and Activities for Seniors of Jacksonville, FL

We believe that older adults’ minds and bodies are invigorated by physical and mental stimulation. At the center of our caregiving services is maintaining our clients lively engagement in day to day life. We do this through a technique called “Interactive Caregiving,” in which we turn our clients’ everyday activities into engaging, exhilarating, or even inspiring activities. If you’re from around the area, you know that this is a wonderful place with tons of opportunities to do so. 

These experiences can be simple ones like conversing, playing games, or doing something that our clientele think is fun. These services are companion services. Other examples of "Interactive Caregiving" are taking charge of a meal, and administering medication, which is personalized services. With Jacksonville’s beautiful weather, some time spent outside on a walk is one of our favorite activities to have a patient and caregiver to participate in. 

When it comes to sightseeing in Jacksonville, our clients like to take full advantage of the nearby nature. Our caregivers take clients on afternoon strolls by the duck pond and in other parks in the area.

Involvement and Senior Activities in Jacksonville, FL

The city of Jacksonville is the largest city in the states of the Union, and it services approximately 850,000 residents. Unexpectedly, the share of Jacksonville citizens that are over 65 years of age has not reached an astronomical level, and the city has set up appropriate security and infrastructure to deal with anticipated demographic change.

The Twenty individual senior centers located throughout the town will offer plenty of activities to get involved with.

Jacksonville uncovers a diverse, outdoor, senior-oriented activities to enjoy! Some of these senior activities in Jacksonville, FL include:

  • Fish-a-thon at Hanna Park: A competitive all-day fishing event for senior citizens at Hanna Park, which can also be a great place to enjoy a day at the beach, and observe the wilderness of Jacksonville, every day of the week. Keeping your loved one active socially, physically, and mentally to keep them captivated and encourage healthier living.
  • Forever Fit 50 and Beyond: The Jacksonville Senior Games are an annual set of competitive and friendly amateur sports events designed for seniors in Jacksonville, Florida, to compete in.
  • Public Beaches ad Parks: Jacksonville is home to over 20 miles of coastline, each lined with beaches that make for a cool and relaxing adventure or exciting escapade.
  • Bent Creek Golf Course: Bent Creek Golf Course, a local favorite, offers an affordable, enjoyable round of golf that even non-famous golfers might enjoy. Follow their lead and sign up for an afternoon round of foot-golf if you're not an elite player, but still want to enjoy the precision aspect of golf.
  • Seniors on a Mission: This Jacksonville-based senior organization organizes "Mission Trips" that consist of younger adults providing assistance to nonprofit organizations and surrounding communities.


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