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Let our trained professionals help take care of your loved with dealing with Alzheimers.

In the U.S., over 5.5 million people of all ages live with Alzheimer’s Disease – the most common type of dementia. Concierge Care Florida is here to help your senior diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease to remain safely at home. We connect seniors and families with Alzheimer’s care experts throughout Florida.

We understand that Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect the person living with it; it can affect the entire family.

As a caregiver, it can be difficult at times to make sure your senior is cared for, and you are cared for as well. The emotional energy required to care for someone with this disease will take a lot out of you, and coping may be easier with the help of a home care professional.

At Concierge Care Florida, we’re ready to help provide the care your senior will need if they require more than you alone can provide them. Our caregivers will be there to give the necessary daily care and go the extra mile to ensure your senior is well cared for while they live at home.

Alzheimer’s Care for Seniors

If you are responsible for the health of a senior with Alzheimer’s, there are several important things to keep in mind as you consider their Alzheimer’s Care plan:

It is important to prepare for the future.

Sometimes adjusting to the diagnosis and care for your senior can be difficult and take time – for both you and your senior. During the early stages, you will find that your senior may become forgetful and have trouble with basic tasks.

This is the appropriate time to start planning ahead for their long-term future.

Planning should include getting legal documents in order, mapping out financial costs for their care, creating a list of their emergency contacts, and establishing a schedule for care, detailing who, what, when, and how often.

Be patient and supportive.

It is inevitable that as Alzheimer’s progresses, you may find some of your senior’s behavior to be frustrating. That’s okay – you will go through so many emotions throughout your senior’s care. It is important to keep in mind this is not their fault, and they are not behaving a certain way on purpose. Take your time to process their disease, and make sure you take time for yourself to relax.

Use this opportunity to reconnect with senior. Try playing some of their favorite games, learning about their hobbies and interests, cooking their favorite meals, and reminiscing over old family photos.

Update the doctor and seek support.

Throughout the process, keep the doctor updated. If you observe changes in or new behaviors, make note of them and keep good records. Doing so will help the doctor determine the progression of Alzheimer’s and what treatment methods will be best.

Living at home with Alzheimer’s and keeping up with the same routine is actually very beneficial to your senior. Doing so can help to reduce anxiety and avoid confusion. Let’s take a look at several other benefits having a caregiver can offer your senior with Alzheimer’s:

  • Keeping your senior’s mind stimulated by setting up a consistent routine, which will include specific memory exercises and fun activities.
  • Continuous monitoring of the disease in order to determine how to proceed with the care plan.
  • Running errands, assisting with housekeeping tasks, and helping with personal hygiene.
  • Helping other family members and visitors understand how to best interact with your senior.

Consider an Alzheimer’s Care provider.

Having a caregiver can give you peace of mind. You’ll feel reassured that there is someone to make sure your loved one is safe — they didn’t forget to lock a door, or they’re not wandering around unsafely.

Throughout the entire process of caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, it is most important to cherish the little moments you have with them – the laughter, the joy. Remember that you are doing what’s best for them and know that you are not alone.


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