Fruitcove, FL

B&E Home Care is a recommended and trusted provider in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to provide a higher standard of care for aging seniors in our community.

Home Care for Seniors of Fruitcove, FL

We believe that senior citizens' both physically and mentally active minds and bodies enhance through our interactive, tiring, or inspiring interventions. At the heart of our staff's services of caring for seniors is the retention of dynamic engagement in everyday living. This is done through the use of our Interactive Caregiving technique, which jumbles the activities a client's daily activities into stimulating, exhilarating, or inspiring exercises.

B&E Home Care provides at-home care for aging individuals in Fruitcove, FL. Our senior care packages are designed to keep your loved one from having to leave the comfort of their own home. We understand that senior citizens wish to enjoy the period remaining in their own homes before they have to leave. That's why we aim to provide the care they crave, including keeping them in contact with their friends and family.

Home Care Services Provided to the Adults and Seniors of Fruitcove, FL

24-Hour Live-In Home Care

Your loved one can receive health care in the convenience of home, having the luxury of a healthcare provider around the clock with around-the-clock support and still maintaining their own routine independence.

Alzheimer’s Care & Dementia Care

You can feel overwhelmed, but a caregiver may be able to help your loved one defy their diagnosis by improving their skills and knowledge.

Companion Care & Homemaker Care

Your partner may draw on the assistance they need in order to lead an active and happy life. Not only will your loved one receive assistance around the house, but also participation in the discussion.

Hospital-To-Home Care

A health care expert can guide your loved one through the transition home from the hospital so he or she receives the necessary care during this time to maintain his or her health and prevent readmission.

Medication Management

A registered nurse can keep your loved one's health in mind and help them to make sound medical choices.

Personal Care Services

Your relative can join a program offering aid with personal care and hygiene, meal preparation, exercise, and other services to improve health.

Senior Living Transitional Assistance

If you have disabled or elderly loved ones who need to relocate to a retirement community, we can provide care to make this process easier and safer.


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